1)     Harpe BioHerbicide Solutions

“The business of weed killers as an aspect of crop protection has faced headwinds for over a decade, with headlines dominated by Roundup lawsuits. Weeds are the costliest challenge to crop production globally, resulting in over $50 billion in economic losses from reduced crop yields, but until recently there have been no viable alternatives to Roundup. A natural alternative would have a ready market,  and the newest entrant in this category is Harpe BioHerbicide Solutions. The Harpe team combines experienced leaders from the world’s largest crop technology companies, and they have developed natural herbicide formulations using active compounds commonly found in plant extracts, combined with natural inert ingredients to help effectively eliminate tough-to-control weeds. Harpe uses multiple modes of action and acts at different sites within the weeds, with a specific focus on the 500+ weeds that have evolved resistance to traditional herbicides. Harpe’s strengths are R&D, navigating the regulatory landscape, and developing a deep portfolio of intellectual property. They have ongoing collaborations with half of the leading global crop protection companies, who contribute to the development process, and are likely partners in any exit. Overall, Harpe meets all three of the criteria we believe will be essential for success and can make strategic decisions in 2023 to scale the business or look for the right partner as a conduit to bring their products to market.”

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