Biological products are gaining popularity in agriculture, with a focus on using natural solutions for controlling insects and diseases. Harpe Bioherbicides has identified a natural compound that acts as a non-selective herbicide, which can be used alongside traditional herbicides for even greater results.

Harpe Bio has taken a unique approach to developing their herbicides, utilizing plant extracts as the biological basis for their products. By doing so, they are able to create herbicides that can be certified as organic, as well as effective for use in traditional row crop agriculture. 

During this interview with the CEO of Harpe Bio, Bill Buckner, and the co-founder and Chief Technology Officer, Chad Brommer, it was revealed that the plant extracts used in their herbicides have different active molecules and can be altered for various uses. 

One of the benefits of using natural solutions for weed control is that it is less likely to have negative impacts on the environment. Buckner and Brommer noted that there is a growing demand for organic products and sustainable farming practices. By offering an organic certified herbicide, Harpe Bio is able to meet the needs of this market while also providing a solution for traditional row crop agriculture.