Company expands research and development to herbicide-tolerant row crop systems

Dr. Robert (Robb) Fraley

RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK, NC, March 29, 2022 — Harpe Bioherbicide Solutions, Inc., a pre- commercial stage agricultural technology company focused on providing natural and sustainable herbicide solutions, today announced the appointment of Dr. Robert (Robb) Fraley to its board of directors. In addition to joining the board, Dr. Fraley has personally invested in the company.

Dr. Fraley, who, for nearly 40 years, served as Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer at Monsanto Company will help guide Harpe Bioherbicide Solutions as it further develops and strengthens its intellectual property portfolio, including the company’s expansion into the early development phases of herbicide-tolerant row crop systems. The development of crops tolerant to Harpe herbicide formulations, will pioneer the way for in-season use of the company’s proprietary series of plant-based herbicidal active compounds and offer growers additional tools to help produce abundant, healthy crops.

Through wide spectrum control of broadleaf and grass seeds or weeds, the platform of Harpe products will deliver new opportunities for organic agriculture through a series of all natural herbicide formulations for pre, post and desiccation use patterns. In addition, a series of tailored Harpe pre and post premix formulations, and the potential introduction of herbicide tolerant crop systems, will improve control of tough- to-kill weeds, including those resistant to current synthetic chemistries. Featuring new sites and modes of action, Harpe Bioherbicide Solutions will not only take a lead role in the bioherbicide market but developed products will impact the greater $27B industry of conventional herbicides.

“I’m very impressed by Harpe Bioherbicide Solutions’ technology and the field performance of their natural herbicide formulations,” said Dr. Fraley. “There is an incredible need to continuously improve our food system and the introduction of new, more sustainable herbicide alternatives will further enable farmers to produce high-quality food without negatively impacting soil, waterways and their neighboring environments. At the same time, researching and developing new herbicide tolerance crop systems, that will enable expansion of natural chemistry, will dramatically shape the future of agriculture.”

Dr. Fraley is widely recognized as a key contributor to the worldwide science and agriculture communities – most notably, for developing the first genetically modified crops as a solution for farmers battling pests and weeds that threatened yields and food production. His leadership has led to solutions centered on sustainable ag technologies around crop protection, ag biologicals, plant breeding, biotechnology, and precision agriculture innovations.

He grew up on a small farm near Hoopeston, IL and attended the University of Illinois, where he earned a PhD in Microbiology and Biochemistry. Throughout his career, Robb has authored more than 100 publications and patent applications relating to technical advances in agricultural sciences. Recognitions for his contributions include being a recipient of: The National Medal of Technology (1998), The Donald Danforth Plant Science Center Distinguished Service Award (2007), The World Food Prize (2013) and The of the Order of Lincoln (2020).

Today, Robb resides with his wife, Laura, in St. Louis and in his newest role, he has become a leading voice for agriculture, passionately working to reset the public conversation about science. Dr. Fraley currently serves on several company boards including: Trace Genomics, AgroSpheres and Verdesian.

“We are honored to have Robb, a true pioneer in agriculture biotechnology who will bring his vast expertise and unique vision to a talented board and group of advisors,” stated Harpe Bioherbicide Solutions CEO Bill Buckner. “His deep expertise is perfectly suited to guide the next generation of agriculture advancements and will bring strategic insight to our technology development.”

About Harpe Bioherbicide Solutions

Harpe Bioherbicide Solutions, Inc. is an ag tech company focused on providing natural and sustainable herbicide solutions to expand and provide new opportunities for organic agriculture while reducing, replacing, and synergizing with synthetic chemical use in row and specialty crop, commercial and consumer markets. The result will support farmers’ success by overcoming current weed-control challenges and provide new sustainable farming practices to advance our food supply while improving the environment by decreasing the need for synthetic chemistry products. Learn more about Harpe Bioherbicide Solutions, Inc. at or follow us on social media at LinkedIn or Twitter.

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