RALEIGH – Harpe Bioherbicide Solutions Inc., which is developing safe and natural weed-killers, has raised $770,000 in equity, according to a filing with the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

Sixteen investors participated in the raise. William Buckner is named as executive and director. Other executives and directors listed on the filing include: Adian Connoly, Chad Brommer, and Daniel Pepitone.

The company is associated with RTP=based Termir Miracula, listed as “promoter” on its SEC filing. The Termir website includes a brief overview of the company. Termir won the 2020 Alexandria Launchlabs AgTech Innovation award for its environmentally safe treatment for citrus greening, which threatens orange crops.

According to Termir, the Harpe portfolio offers biological herbicides with new modes and sites of action that can be used alone or in combination with any currently available herbicides.

Harpe provides a safe and natural approach to rid crops and landscaping of weeds while supporting farmers’ need to overcome weeds resistant to currently available synthetic herbicide products.


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About Harpe Bioherbicide Solutions

Harpe Bioherbicide Solutions, Inc. is an ag tech company focused on providing natural and sustainable herbicide solutions to expand and provide new opportunities for organic agriculture while reducing, replacing, and synergizing with synthetic chemical use in row and specialty crop, commercial and consumer markets. The result will support farmers’ success by overcoming current weed-control challenges and provide new sustainable farming practices to advance our food supply while improving the environment by decreasing the need for synthetic chemistry products. Learn more about Harpe Bioherbicide Solutions, Inc. at harpebio.com or follow us on social media at LinkedIn or Twitter.

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